When evaluating our prices it is important to note that we do not compete solely on price. Our memberships are not about paying for access to the gym and equipment. They are based around access to first class coaching, programming and guidance throughout your time at CrossFit Deviate.

  • Am I fit enough for CrossFit?

    We often hear the statement “I just need to get fit before I start CrossFit” – this is a misconception. CrossFit is about getting you fitter, faster and stronger no matter what your current fitness level is.


    If you haven’t exercised for a few years, or you’re out jogging every day, then CrossFit is for you. We will help you get progressively fitter at a scaling appropriate for you.

  • How many Intro. On-Ramp classes do I have to attend before attending the WOD CrossFit classes?

    We recommend 2-3 1-hour sessions. This varies from person-to-person depending on your previous athletic background. During these classes we, as a coach, will assess how you move as an athlete and learn what type of coaching style works best for you. During the 2-3 sessions we will go through the barbell movements such as the back squat and thruster, and common CrossFit movements, such as wallballs, kettlebell swing, and burpees. We feel that working out and learning from our community is the best and funnest way. Our goal is to get you safely into our WOD classes as quick as possible!

  • Is CrossFit too intense for me?

    No! The entire ideology of CrossFit is that it is universally modifiable to where anyone can do it, no matter weight, age, size, gender. Don’t be intimidated by the elite athletes you see on TV, those are the 1%. When you see the professional football players on TV, that doesn’t stop you from wanting to try and play football. CrossFit is much more than elite athletes throwing heavy weights around or doing various forms of crazy handstands. CrossFit is about a community of people pursuing fitness together. We’ve helped and coached individuals ranging from the obese to the 70+ year old retiree all benefit from and love doing CrossFit. If you don’t believe us, simply come give it a try and ask any athlete you see in our gym. It truly is for everyone.

  • What if I have a prior injury?

    It is important to get any health concerns cleared by a medical professional. If you’re in the all clear then yes, you can still train!


    One of the awesome things about CrossFit is that it’s infinitely scaleable. We will never ask you to push through an injury, but we will offer alternative movements.


    Always inform your coach of any injuries or bothers you have.

  • I hear a lot of people get injured from CrossFit, is this true?

    It certainly can, but so can anything active that we engage in. Everything we do comes some chance of injury. This could come from soccer, golf, tennis, or basketball game. Some love the outdoors and enjoy hiking, boating, or skiing. Some just love walking with neighbors and friends or playing in the backyard with their kids and grandkids. Injuries can and do occur with all these activities. However, do you know what is even more dangerous to your health? Not doing anything. At DV8 our top priority is safety. We take every step possible to coach your technique to ensure that your chance of injury is minimal. The longer you continue with a fitness regimen, the fitter and more agile your body becomes, making your risk of injury in any aspect of your life, even more minimal!


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